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Pro-Biafra Group Accuses President of Lying Against Ojukwu


A pro-Biafra group, the Biafra Zionists’ Federation (BZF), on Tuesday dismissed President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide broadcast as “a compendium of lies,” with the sole purpose of “deceiving Nigerians.”

Leader of the group, Mr. Benjamin Onwuka, who spoke with journalists in Enugu, specifically faulted the president’s statement that the late Biafra leader, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, disowned Biafra, describing it as false.

The group also insisted that no matter what anybody thinks, the restoration of the Biafran Republic had become non-negotiable, same way “the unity of Buhari’s Nigeria is non-negotiable.”

Onwuka, who had a few weeks ago declared himself the President of Biafra and named former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Prof. Charles Soludo, Prof. Pat Utomi and others as ministers, challenged Buhari to provide an audio and transcript of the said meeting between him and Ojukwu.

He said: “We are speaking today in response to the broadcast said to have been made by Buhari. We want to let the world know that Buhari is wasting his time; he has been defeated.
“He didn’t start failing today; he supported Hillary Clinton during the US election, but they all failed; he knows it.

“So his broadcast is a waste of time; a compendium of lies; Biafrans challenge him, let him produce the transcript; we saw what they posted on his twitter handle and called it a video. This is very comedic. When has a picture become a video? Where is the voice, where is the motion; where is the transcript? What he has dished out is a far-cry; we are asking for video evidence, with the audio, the transcript of that meeting. Let us see what they agreed on.

“Above all, I don’t believe what he is saying; if that is what happened; let him come up with evidence. Odumegwu Ojukwu, I believe will never compromise on Biafra’s independence. He was the one that led us to war, except that he made a mistake for not accepting the offer from Russia. That’s what the Zionists have done by seeking support from US.

“From the broadcast he made, Ojukwu could never have compromised; let him provide the evidence and what Ojukwu said. Even if it is what Ojukwu said, Ojukwu is not speaking for Biafra; Biafrans are a nation; a nation is more important than one person.

“So Ojukwu can never betray Biafra. Why didn’t he say this when Ojukwu was alive? He should have told us then. When that meeting held, he should have given us an opportunity, where two of them would have come out and told us, we believe in one Nigeria.

“Why now, because the man has died, you are now coming up with allegations against him, because the grave cannot speak? So whatever he said Ojukwu told him, we don’t buy into it.
“Biafra has come to stay with the backing of US. Our matter is right now at the desk of the US President. So, Buhari is wasting his time.
“He is even calling us irresponsible because he is benefiting from our oil. Where in the world are people agitating for freedom called irresponsible people?

“What will he call Boko Haram members? The only reason is that he is feeding from our oil, allocating oil blocks and all that. Without the oil, there will be no Nigeria. He can say whatever he likes.”
When asked to comment on an interim government he claimed to have formed a few weeks ago, he said, “I’m not claiming to be president on my own; United States under Obama recognised Biafra on 15th October, 2014. The Zionists believe in international diplomacy.

“Let me assure those people appointed that the interim government stands until we hear from the White House. So, the interim government and our announcement on Biafra, they are still intact; we are waiting to get reply from US but the government we formed is intact, upon the return of Trump from vacation, Biafra will take off. Obama and Trump will make Biafra to be a reality,” he said.

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