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Prime Minister of Israel invites Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to special reception celebrating US Embassy


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was invited to a special event hosted by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. The official reception for the event, celebrating the move of the US Embassy, took place throughout the 2018 Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris. It was a trip that included countless followers fulfilling their dream of a once in a life time pilgrimage.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated: “Every Christian must love Israel because adoring Israel is loving Jesus”during leading the Holy Tour at Israel.”

The exclusive event took place at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs with invitees that comprised of ambassadors and official state agents.

The Prime Minister of Israel is famously close to the American Evangelical community, embracing people who support the state of Israel. Pastor Chris is quoted saying: “Evangelical Christians are Israel’s greatest Buddies”

This is the third year that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, along with members of the Believers’ LoveWorld (BLW), will be touring the Holy Land. Chris Oyakhilome is the creator of this BLW Inc. also called the Christ Embassy Church. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated in his announcement that this year is the Year of the Supernatural, so the trip to Israel can’t be more suitable.

This is a milestone year for the nation of Israel and thus the Tour will highlight the importance of this season’s trip for a period of reflection, inspiration, and enlightenment.

The tour to Israel provides participants the chance to walk in exactly the same avenues that Jesus Christ walked, bringing the Bible to come alive. Christians may familiarize themselves with different aspects of the Holy Land, experiencing an in-depth look at the numerous sites the property has to offer you. The BLW group provides guides to highlight different historic information and biblical references.

This tour is occurring at one of most outstanding times ever for Israel, celebrating its 70th year of Independence in addition to the movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Based on remarks that were made by Pastor Chris in the past, the State of Israel occupies an essential status in the fulfillment of Bible prophecies regarding the future of Earth.

Throughout the excursion Pastor Chris spoke out: “Israel is open currently because it has embraced Democracy, unlike its neighbours.”

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