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Popular Singer Asa Discloses Reason Behind Her Unmarried Status

Popular Singer Asa
Popular Singer Asa Discloses Reason Behind Her Unmarried Status

There is always the conventional belief and societal expectations from elders, parents or guardians that puts certain pressure on their kids to get married especially when they are perceived to have come of age or ripe for marriage. This pressure can be much more if such parents are fast ageing and want to see their grandchildren before, they pass on, or, if the children/child in question is an only surviving son or daughter and the parents want to be sure that their name and legacy if any is being carried onto the next generation.

In all of the above mentioned situations the most important factor is the fact that majority of African parents and Nigeria in particular are usually not comfortable seeing their adult children or child delaying in taking decisions with regards to marriage and settling down as the case may be.

In some extreme cases some parents go the extra mile of match making their children if they feel the need to do so or if they suspect that their children lacks confidence to engage in such relationship with the opposite sex due to upbringing or psychological/ emotional experience from the past.

There could be so many factors that could hinder one from avoiding the concept of marriage or discussions involving the topic on marriage and staying single.

For some persons, building their professional career is more of a priority than rushing into marriage. Some others simply love the freedom of living alone without being controlled bothered or affected by a partner,while there are some who simply don’t want to handle or face the reality and responsibilities that comes along with marital unions.

Recently the sensational musical artists and singer popularly referred to as Asa disclosed in a statement during an interview session the real reason why she’s still single and unmarried.

Asa is a Nigerian-born singer whose original name is Nikola Elemide. She is also a songwriter, and recording artist, whose sensational musical creativity has made her genre of music unique and most appreciated even outside the shores of the country. Her songs have wowed the entertainment industry and she has a unique style and voice whenever her songs and album are being aired. She’s what many of her fanbase refer to as a ‘renaissance musician’ because majority of her songs are for the intelligent minds.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised amongst numerous fans and ardent followers as well as critics with regards to her still being single and not married considering the fact that she’s gradually ageing.

She however put these questions and speculations to rest by publicly addressing the real reasons why she’s not married during an interview with OAP, Bolanle Olukanni where they discussed things spanning from her personal life to her career.

According to her, she said that she is a self centered person and that majority of her possible suitors find it difficult to cope and adjust to her daily routines and lifestyle as well.

Asa is Thirty-six years old presently and she is not bothered with regards to people comments and feeling of her present status claiming that in as much as she is content and comfortable with her lifestyle and career.

She reaffirmed the fact that it’s really difficult leaving with a partner as her lifestyle would always come between such relationship. She gave an example of her previous relationship, where her partner understood not to interrupt her schedule.

She disclosed;

“As I grow older I become selfish, I have a routine now, for instance the time I wake up, can he respect it?

It remains a fact if these opinions of the singer would change due to the fact that no man is an island or perhaps in the opinion of some fans is she indirectly planning to toll the part of a life of celibacy? Fans are eagerly waiting in anticipation for her next line of action.


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