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Plateau State Gov worried over citizens’ refusal to follow COVID-19 regulations

Plateau State Gov to prosecute residents 'spreading misinformation about COVID-19 '
Plateau State Gov

With the confirmation by scientists and medical experts of a second and perhaps more dangerous phase of the corona virus all over the world and with the recent spike in death tolls as well, many leaders both domestic and international, are so worried especially on how to manage the pandemic and stop the situation from spiralling out of control.

In Nigerian for example, after surviving the first phase of the virus many citizens are of the opinion that the virus is no longer real or feasible. In fact, majority especially in rural areas claim that it’s a disease for those overseas and it’s not meant to kill the black man.

Experience has shown that both blacks and white skin people get affected and that the second phase of the virus has even mutated to an extent that even children as low as ten years old could contact the virus unlike before when it affected mostly the aged and elderly.

The problem with most Nigerian leaders for instance, the governors, is the difficult task of how to carefully and seriously convey information’s on the reality of covid-19 to residents of the various states and to emphasize on how deadly this second phase of the corona virus is, and the significance of taking serious precautionary measures.

News sources recently confirmed that
Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau state in a meeting, disclosed how worried his administration was over the refusal of many citizens in the state to observe the COVID-19 protocols.

The Governor made the statement at a meeting with stakeholders on the second wave of COVID 19 and security issues which held at RayField Government House in Jos on Wednesday.

News outlet, The Punch reported that out of more than 100 thousand COVID-19 infections recorded in Nigeria so far, Plateau state has the third highest number of cumulative cases with close to 6,000 cases

The Governor said, “Mostly we hear of the big names but do not get to hear of the others involving people that are less prominent. This should give us serious concern because it means that the situation is bigger than what we seem to know.

“The most worrisome point here is that despite this situation, most citizens appear to be careless and reluctant to observe the COVID-19 protocols. In fact, many have abandoned and refused to observe simple protocols of wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, and washing hands regularly.
“This worries me a lot because this recklessness is further exposing more people to the virus and then increasing the casualty figures. While we have no intention of imposing another lockdown to avoid further damage to the economy, some members of the public are not helping us.”

The Governor who threatened to arrest anyone found to be denying the existence of the pandemic added that he had directed his Commissioners and other senior government officials to go and engage the people henceforth.
He also cautioned the people against spreading unsubstantiated rumours about the pandemic.

He added, “On the issue of vaccine, I have already heard some people peddling conspiracy theories. I want to say that I will be the first to take the vaccine whenever it is available in Plateau State.”

Lalong maintained that his administration would continue to do everything possible to safeguard the lives of the citizens against the disease as well as provide security for the citizenry.

Many persons who followed the recent developments and complains of the state leader in plateau, are beginning to see reasons with the governor’s concerns and the threat that the carefree attitude of citizens towards the covid-19 virus rules have brought to the state, Hopefully, residents will come to realize their folly and adhere to the instructions on covid-19 irrespective of their belief in the existence of the virus or not.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer


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