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Two abokis have been saving their money to go on pilgrimage to Mecca. On the day of departure, obviously not aware about the sitting arrangement mistakenly went n sat in the first class compartment. all efforts by the crew to convince them that they were on the wrong seat proved abortive. Eventually, one of them agreed to leave the first class to economy class which was their normal seat but the other one was still adamant. His friend was eventually approached to help talk to his brother, which he did by going to whisper to him. Immediately, to the amazement of the crew the other aboki left the economy class to join his brother without any argument. surprised, one of the crew members tried to find out what the other aboki told his brother that made him to comply so fast without any argument and the following conversation ensued
Crew: ”what did you tell your brother that convinced him so fast to leave that seat without arguing?
aboki; ” i tell am say the seat wey dey front no dey go Mecca na the one wey dey back dey go”

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