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Peter Okoye threatens popular banks as scammers allegedly open account in his name without verification

Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye


One half of the Psquare music duo, Peter Okoye, who is also known as Mr. P, recently hopped onto his social media platform to publicly expose two commercial banks that are abetting scammers who are shamelessly posing as him.

Mr. P, making his voice heard through his Instagram platform, didn’t hold back in singling out Polaris and Access Bank. He accused them of being accomplices to scammers who audaciously masqueraded as him.

In a fiery revelation, the musician spotlighted the fact that these banks permitted the scammers to set up an account under the name “PETER OKOYE PsQUARE.” What’s more, he highlighted the absurd lack of proper identification, biometrics, BVN (Bank Verification Number), or a valid address that matches the account holder’s credentials.

Fuming with exasperation, he underscored how the negligence of these banks was essentially aiding and abetting fraudsters who were capitalizing on his name to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Mr. P made it crystal clear that he’s had enough and that he suspects an inside job within these financial institutions.

Asserting his commitment to safeguarding his reputation and coming to the aid of innocent victims, he minced no words in declaring his intention to unleash his legal squad on the banks, filing a lawsuit for the damages incurred.

He didn’t stop there—Mr. P vowed to shine a spotlight on more implicated banks. He then directly pinged the EFCC and urged them to sit up and pay attention to the brewing storm.

He wrote;

Enough is Enough! It’s either it’s an inside job or otherwise! I have a name to protect here and save some of this innocent victims! So get ready for me and my legal team!

How can @polarisbankltd allow someone to open an account in the name of “PETER OKOYE PsQUARE” and @myaccessbank you also allowed someone open an account name “PETER OKOYE PSQUARE “without valid means of identification, no biometrics, no BVN, no verified address even utility bill to correspond with the address of the account owner.

Now they are using my name to scam innocent people! I am Suing this Banks for damages and calling them out! One after the other! @officialefcc take note! Enough is enough! Calling out more banks!”


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