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PDP rep says he earns N697k as salary, allows Channels TV to display credit alert

Channels TV
Channels TV

Leke Abejide, lawmaker representing Yagba East/West/Mopamuro constituency in the house of representatives, says he earns a total sum of N691,911 as salary monthly. 

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lawmaker allowed Channels TV to display the credit alert for his May salary during Sunrise Daily on Thursday.

Abejide said he receives N113 million annually for constituency projects, but that the government takes 18.5 percent of it.

The Kogi lawmaker said coupled with this, the monthly demands from the people of his constituency is more than N30 million monthly.


Although the lawmaker did not reveal the amount he receives as allowance, he said after all deductions, he goes away with less than N1.5 million monthly.

“That’s what I get in a month. The only difference you see is the constituency project,” he said.


“My constituency project is N113 million in a year, and in this N113 million, the government will take 18.5 percent. The tax is five percent, VAT is 7.5 percent, stamp duty is one percent. Then the agency where the project is domicile will take five percent, that’s the minimum, some take more than that.

“As a new member, in order to satisfy my people, I have used up my allowance. I have police, personal staff, then people in the constituency are also there waiting for me.

“In a month, I don’t think I always have up to N1.5 million, and I have a family to take care of. So, if you’re coming to this system and you’re someone who has been working on your own, you won’t like to continue. 

“There was a time I was contemplating leaving because the demands coming from my constituency in a month is in the range of N30 million and N40 million every month.

“That’s the danger of this assembly. I told people that in the next election, I’m not going to contest, that they should allow someone else to experience what I’m experiencing, but people insisted that I must go.

“So, if you’re not a man of means, and you come to this seat, people will be stoning you.”


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