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You’re lying, selling out Yoruba race to make Tinubu president, Pa Adebanjo slams Akande

Pa Adebanjo
Pa Adebanjo


Leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has lambasted Chief Bisi Akande, over allegations levelled against him (Adebanjo) in Akande’s new book, ‘My Participation’.

Akande, a former Governor of Osun State and first chairman of the All Progressives Congress, had last week presented his book to the public.

In one of the accounts in the book, Akande claimed that Adebanjo pestered Bola Tinubu to build a house for him.

However, Adebanjo in an an interview on Arise Television Tuesday morning, denied the allegations.

He claimed that Akande was lying and selling the Yoruba race out in a bid to ensure Tinubu emerged as the president in 2023.

Adebanjo said, “He (Bisi Akande) is too junior to me to be commenting on political matters. He is a political neophyte. He is already known to me as a pathological liar. His colleague, Akinfenwa, in his book said that is who he is. And those of us who know him also know. He is just an apron string of Tinubu.

“He is too junior for me to be commenting on what he said. I signed his papers to be governor. And the condition we gave for him to become governor was that of (convening a) Sovereign National Conference for the restructuring of the country back to (true) federalism. That was the condition he was elected in 1999 and he reneged on that.

“We call all of them – Bola Tinubu, Segun Osoba – to warn when they reneged. They have sold out the Yoruba race to Muhammadu Buhari all because they want Tinubu to be president. That is not my business.

“But telling lies is the one I don’t know and I don’t know how a man like Akande who claims that we all come from the root of Obafemi Awolowo can be taking pride in his participation in the government of one Buhari, who they know is a disaster when all those who supported him initially are now regretting that they supported him.

“There is no sensible man who will come out now and say he is proud of Buhari. It shows the type of character he is. So, he is too junior for me to be commenting on what he said.”

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