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“Own up to your presidential campaign rather than deceive the people” -APC to Gov Wike

presidential campaign
presidential campaign

Despite the popular opinion by many that politicians are not to be trusted because they are perceived to be very manipulative and not straight forward especially in fulfilling their campaign promises to the masses prior to their elections into public office. They are known had experience has shown that they have a way of cajoling minority of the people into believing their pseudo plans and making them take their actions and words seriously.

With the above in mind, there is always a twist to the mutual relationship between some of the masses and majority of these political juggernauts. Past precedence has often shown that masses who stand to benefit from the these political leaders would do anything and everything to ensure they remain in power while some of these politicians would keep acting like they are being lauded by such loyalist as a result of their hard work.

Just recently the media reported how posters campaigning for the present governor of Rivers state Nyesom Wike‘s presidential ambitions for 2023, surfaced in the streets of the FCT.

When quizzed on the incidence, Wike disassociated himself from the campaign posters immediately and blamed mischief makers for the 2023 presidential campaign posters spotted in some parts of Abuja.

The River’s state governor made his opinion on the issue of the campaign posters known in a statement issued by the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Paulinus Nsirim.

Media sources DAILY POST had earlier reported that campaign posters of Wike with the inscription, ”Rescue Nigeria 2023 from Insecurity, poverty, bandits and killing, were seen on Herbert Macaulay Road, FCT Abuja.

Speaking on the recent developments however, Nsirim maintained that Wike is presently preoccupied with his mission to make Rivers State a better place and destination of choice.

He insisted that “For the avoidance of doubt, Governor Wike has not informed anyone that he is interested in the Presidency of this country. In his words;

“This is certainly the handiwork of mischief makers threatened by the Governor’s rising political profile. We are amused that political detractors will stop at nothing to see how they can distract Governor Wike’s visionary leadership.

Furthermore Nsirim advised Nigerians not to take seriously to the false informations that are being peddled in the media stating that the antics of political jobbers aimed at heating up the polity will surely fail.

Meanwhile rival political party the All progressive congress (APC) in Rivers state has asked the state government to stop fabricating tales in an effort to deny Governor Nyesom Wike’s interest to contest the presidency in 2023. They simply told him “Own up to his presidential aspiration for 2023.”

In a statement issued by the APC Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Wike’s real intent in splashing Rivers money in parts of the country has become exposed.

The statement said “Despite attempts by the Governor to pull red herrings over the eyes of well-meaning Rivers people, Wike’s ambition was the primary reason Rivers people are being starved, shoved aside and abandoned.”

Chief Nwuke disclosed that it was irrelevant for the Rivers State Government to spend lavishly and hide under the ambition of the State Governor, stating that everything has now become exposed and that those who have received an overdose of Rivers money have decided to print posters announcing the actual intention of Governor Wike in 2023.

He s went further to say that Governor Wike should have exhibited courage, “not cowardice in telling Nigerians the truth. The truth is that he is scheming. He has been exclusively funding the PDP, especially in the northern states, in preparation for his ambition in 2023. As a Nigerian, Governor Nyesom Wike has a right to run for the presidency.

“He has a right to donate chunks of money if he has so much to lavish; those rights do not amount to the right to spend Rivers money arbitrarily.”

The APC statement concluded by saying that Rivers people would not be deceived by the denial of the state government, and urged the residents to stand up and defend their rights claiming that the government was not concerned about the consequences of his actions but only interested in his political ambitions regarding 2023.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer




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