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Oromoni: Dowen College founding members retire

Dowen College
Dowen College


The founding members, board of governors and the founder of Dowen College, Lekki, Dr Olumide Phillips, have decided to go on retirement.

A statement by Tomi Borisade on behalf of the new board of governors, said they decided to bring in external consultants to work with the management of the school over the next few months.

It stated that this would ensure that high standards and best practices were upheld and implemented where needed.

It maintained that the unfortunate loss of the promising young student, Slyvester Oromoni had left all of them at Dowen College deeply saddened.

It read, “We are keen on ensuring that this type of situation never arises again. More significantly, the founding members of the Board of Governors including the Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr Olumide Phillips who have worked tirelessly over the years to develop outstanding children both in and out of the school, have chosen to retire and pass the baton of change to a new generation of seasoned professionals who will run with the vision, leadership passion, commitment and values they have worked rigorously to establish.

“This will also enhance communication and effectiveness with the Parents Teachers Forum. Their good works cannot be allowed to go in vain.”

It stated that they were reviewing the school’s policies with parents, staff and students so as to ensure that strict compliance and best practices were adhered to.

“ As we review our processes, the school authority will not hesitate to relieve anyone responsible for administrative lapses in the duties of their positions. We are keen on ensuring that this type of situation never arises again,” it read.

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