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Olunloyo triggers Nigeria-Kenya Twitter war, hit with Canada deportation


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has triggered a Nigeria-Kenya Twitter war after she said she was turning down an invitation to attend a Nairobi media event, ending today, because of the bombing in the Somalia capital of Mogadishu.

The bombing which claimed six lives, she said, has made Nairobi unsafe for her.

“Kenyan fans, I will no longer be attending #AWiM19 African Women in Media due to a SECURITY THREAT as a result of the Al-Shabab bomb attack today in the Mogadishu Mayor’s office. I will not be in #Nairobi tomorrow. Al-Shabab terrorists often operate in Kenya,” she posted.

The woman who calls herself “The Great Investigative and Medical Journalist of Nigeria”, then went on to list five African cities that she tagged as most unsafe, with Nairobi top of the list, Maiduguri second, Cape Town third, Mali’s Bamako fourth and Tripoli fifth.

Kenyans were infuriated by not just her attack on their capital, but also on their safari and artistes who were snubbed by Beyonce in her latest album, Lion King: The Gift.

In one instance, she wrote derisively: Kenyans are so full of pride because of their animal safari location mentality. A whole Beyonce trying to revive her career chose 5 Nigerian artists for #brownskingirls #LionKing track. Simba and Nala don’t know you. How market Victoria Kimani?”

In another tweet, she said she would only come to Nairobi, if she is embedded during a trip by Barack Obama or is a guest of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Sadly 1/4 Al-Shabab terrorists are Kenyan boys. Only way to visit is if I’m staying with Uhuru and Margaret, travelling with
@BarackObama. My kids are Americans (even the US embassy was once bombed) or if Al-Shabab QUITS TERRORISM”

Too many insults from the woman who calls her Twitter account Madam Kemi Omololu Olunloyo. Kenyans didn’t waste time in replying her.

“Have some manners and respect our beautiful country called kenya, deal with boko haram we already dealing with Alshabaab and they’re giving in we are a non nonsense country, ask the ICC, they know us, lastly stop behaving like a latrine fly”, tweeted Hillaire Lilech.

“If a tweet was a yeast infection it would be this…”, wrote Chokora Mhandsome.

Kemi, whose middle name appears to be trouble, hit the Kenyans further with another insult about their English expressions.

“Kenyans pls WRITE your tweets in ENGLISH. I dislike illiterates. This your Akuna Matata language is unreadable. I read all tweets”.

With some Kenyans calling out Nigeria in their responses, some Nigerians following the thread of insults and counter-insults were quick to say that Nigeria and Nigerians have no problems with Kenya and suggested that Kenyans should face Kemi, their traducer alone.

“Kenyans she’s not a Nigerian we have disowned her !! She as arun opolo(mental disease)”, wrote Larryberry Savage.

“It’s not a Kenyan vs Nigerian thing o, its Kenyans vs Her alone. She followed a container to Nigeria, we dont know her”, said April Tols@ Aprilworld.

Felix Leo, another Nigerian interjected: “If u Kenyans want to abuse Aunty Kemi, u are free and pls face her alone, Don’t mention Nigeria, we have disowned her since o, she is not part of us…..we need sane people in this country”.

The Kenyans appeared to have heeded the advice and have dug out some dirt on Kemi Olunloyo by bringing out the story of her deportation from Canada to Nigeria in 2012.

Nairobi News quoting a report in The Globe and Mail, a leading newspaper in Canada, reported that “Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, who claimed to be victims-rights advocate, was deported to Nigeria in August 2012 “after a lengthy battle with immigration officials over her status in Canada”.

“The report says Ms Omololu-Olunloyo was a “polarizing figure in many of the Toronto communities in which she worked”. She worked with police to solve crimes in Canada through “snitching”, which discouraged in most crime-prone neighbourhoods.

“Some bereaved family members praised her efforts to bring attention to a loved one’s death, while others viewed her as a self-promoter, thrusting herself into the spotlight to speak on their behalf,” the report.

“Trouble for her started when the Toronto Star reported that Ms Omololu-Olunloyo, who had lived in America before, was wanted in the state of Georgia for jumping bail and violating probation.

“A Canadian police constable then reported her legal battles to officials in Canada and Georgia. “I left it in their hands,” he told The Globe and Mail.

“My work is done in Canada, now to move on.”

“She was promptly deported to Nigeria.

“I was deported and it was a shame on the immigration system,” she wrote in an online message to The Globe and Mail back then”, Nairobi News reported.

Source: PM NG

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