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OAP Nedu Narrates Epic Response His Girlfriend Gave Him When He Confronted Her About Cheating



On-Air Personality Nedu recounted on TikTok how his university girlfriend cheated on him and the answer she gave him when he found out.

He said….

“There was this girl I was dating back in the university, her name is Emem **** ******, very pretty girl, she was living in Abuja as well, we schooled in Madonna University. So I started dating Enem.

Fastforward to one day, we had travelled and gone to our respective homes, we went for holidays and we were supposed to be back on Friday and then my best mate came back on a friday, his girlfriend came back on a Friday, I came back on a Friday and my girlfriend didn’t come back that Friday.
Na so I come fold hand, come dey wait, nnah, this girl did not show.

The next day on a Saturday, I now carry my two left leg to the phone booth go call her house.
As I call her house, one of her two brothers , picked the call and said, ‘ahah, Emma how na, how you dey, eiya, kpele’.
I say what of emem, she don come school?

He said, ‘ Ahh Emem, she don leave house yesterday abi since day before yesterday.
So because I no wan cast the girl, I said, ‘Ah me I dey off campus, I never enter school (that time, Madonna still had off campus).

So the other brother come call am where she dey and said, ‘ Ah, Emma don call o’.
So the next day being Sunday,the girl come call me say, ‘ ahh, she don dey come o’
I come go wait for okija junction for ihiala, come carry am go house, as we go house, she come go baf.

I no know who send me, I come enter her bag, I come go search, na em I see hotel receipt and this hotel receipt don dey Thursday, Friday, Saturday, for my mind, I say ‘heh, eriela nwam(Dem don chop my girl)but I just no wan believe, she come come back from bathroom, come dey rub cream for body.

I come ask her, ‘ Emem, how far, I see hotel receipt for your bag, this is it, are you cheating on me’, I waited for the answer she gave me, na so this girl dey rub cream(imitates a girl rubbing cream)na so this gal come turn and said; ‘ Emma, am not cheating on you, am cheating on him, with you.
Lo and behold, I was the Sidechic.

They chop my girl on Thursday , Friday, Saturday… On top of that, she still told me she’s not cheating on me, she’s cheating on him with me, what does he have that I dont.
E fit be say the guy dey go 1hour, and I, like two minutes”.

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