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OAP Do2dtun poses pertinent questions to condemners of celibacy between engaged couples



On-air personality, Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode professionally known as Do2dtun has questioned those promoting sex before marriage and condemning engaged couples who choose to practice celibacy.

The hype man took to Twitter to ask why the things the Bible and our parents taught about morality are now being considered “bad”.

His statement comes after Actor Alex Ekubo’s sexuality came under question after his former fiancée, Fancy Acholonu said he refused to touch her for the 5 years they dated. Do2dtun tweeted:

“The laws in the Bible are different from your opinion.

The last I checked, sex before marriage was discouraged to make relationships sacred, resolute & Godly.

When did it become wrong not to have it before marriage? Haven’t you all seen now that everything we considered bad are now good and what was seen as good is now bad?

What I am simply saying is, they said “dont have sex before marriage because it’s a sin”. The same way they said being a virgin before marriage is a good thing.

Counselors, The Bible, our parents told us. So why are these things now seen as bad when you don’t do them?.”

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls private chats between actor, Alexx Ekubo and his estranged fiancee, Fancy Acholonu surfaced online.

The couple have been in the news lately following Fancy Acholonu’s public apology and then deleting the statement after claiming she was manipulated into making a public apology.

From the leaked chats, it was been discovered that Fancy has been emotionally abused by Alexx. The exposé showed that the lovebirds never got intimate during their 5 years relationship as Alex Ekubo claimed to be celibate, while reportedly sleeping with other women.

Alex Ekubo was allegedly verbally, mentally and financially abusive based on the chat, which also showed the conversation they had prior to Fancy announcing their break-up and the actor threatening her to keep things under wraps in August 2018.

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