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Nyanya bombings: Suspect pleads guilty to possessing IEDs


One of the suspected bombers of Nyanya and Kuje, both satellite towns in Abuja, on October 2, 2015, Abdulwaheed Nasiru, told a Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday that he was guilty of being in possession of 12 Improvised Explosive Devices and other materials used for making bombs.

Nasiru, 23, was the youngest among the five persons arraigned before Justice Abdulkadir Abdul-Kafarati on five counts arising from the multiple bombings, which left scores dead and many others with varying degrees of injuries.

The fourth count which Nasiru pleaded guilty to had to do with being in possession of 12 IEDs and materials used for manufacturing them.

The rest of the accused persons – Abdulazeez Muhazab (26), Ishiaka Salihu (25), Mohammed Jimoh (33) and Abdullahi Nasiru (34), however, pleaded not guilty to all the five counts preferred against them.

The accused persons were arraigned for allegedly conspiring among themselves to carry out the bombings of Kuje town and Jikoyi park in Nyanya on October 2, resulting in “the death of scores of innocent citizens and many others who sustained varying degrees of injuries as well as destroying properties “contrary to sections 17 and 2(a) of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2013.”

The prosecution alleged in the fifth count that between August and October 2015, Jimoh and Salihu were aiding Abdulazeez Muhazab (first defendant “to store and conceal” the items suspected to be used for manufacturing of IEDs, an act punishable under section 2(g) of the law.

The accused persons, who all hailed from Kogi State, were allegedly arrested with 12 IEDs and other materials used for manufacturing the explosives in Unguwar Ebira, Karamajiji area, behind Military Cemetery, along Airport Road in Abuja, on October 6.

The materials they were allegedly arrested with included 27 pieces of detonators, aluminium powder, hexomine, hydrogen peroxide, sulphur powder, sodium azide plus nitrate, iron II oxide, soldiering wire, sugar, pH litmus paper, sodium carbonate and thermometer.

Others were chlorate, filter paper, strings, potassium chlorate, 12 ready-made IEDs and a full bag of fertilizer.

Justice Abdul-Kafarati ordered that the accused persons be moved from the police custody to Kuje prison for remand after their arraignment on Thursday.

While admitting his guilt of the fourth count during the arraignment proceedings, Nasiru said he was not the owner of the IED items but his friends.

“I’m guilty, but no be me get am, na my friend get am,” he said in pidgin English.

The charges were read and interpreted to him and the fifth accused person, Abdullahi Nasiru, (they are not related) in pidgin English.

He had earlier pleaded not guilty to the first three counts of conspiracy and the carrying out of the bombings in the separate locations.

He remained adamant that he was guilty of the charge of the possession of the IEDs and the other materials when asked if he understood the particular count.

Defence lawyer, Mr. Nurein Sulyman, jumped up from his seat and approached the dock to ask him if he truly understood what he pleaded guilty to, but he stuck to his guilty plea.

Lead prosecuting counsel and the Director, Public Prosecutions of the Federal Ministry of Justice, Mr. Mohammed Diri, said he would still lead evidence to prove the guilt of all the accused persons, including Nasiru, with regard to the count he had confessed to.



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