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A minister  by name Chief Suleiman received a letter which notified that he is invited to a forum of notable Nigerians.On the day the meeting was held,chief suleiman did not attend it.The president later puts a query against him in the presence of other ministers and the query goes;  ”Mr suleiman,why didnt you attend the forum of the notable Nigerians?”

Chief suleiman replied ”Mr president,this na wickedness,infact insult on my personality, upon say i dey work hard,day and night,upon say i don help build many things for dis Naija,upon say i dey very rich,na em u na come conspire say make u na spoil my image by inviting me to that god forsaken forum of the ”not able Nigerians”,na God go punish all of u na one by one”.Felt embarrassed,chief suleiman left angrily.

On further investigation about his education,it was found out that he took outside WAEC and bribed Lecturers to attain his certificates and got his well known uncle to attain for him the status of a minister.He was later impeached from the house,his properties seized and he happily started the meeting of not able Nigerians………….

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