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Nnamdi Kanu warns Oyo CP-Onadeko “Nothing must happen to Sunday Igboho.”

Nnamdi Kanu warns Oyo CP, Ngozi Onadeko over Sunday Igboho.. Reveals why IGP posted her to Oyo State - OnlineNigeria.com
Nnamdi Kanu

The news of the recent stunt pulled by Sunday Igboho wherein he gave a stern warning and deadline of eviction to the Fulanis residing in Oyo state as a result of the ongoing clash between the Hausa/ Fulani herdsmen and the Yorubas has indeed gained a wide range of recognition and sympathy from different regions of the country.

Perhaps these support that is gathering such momentum could be as a result of the fact that some people believe that they have been experiencing such harassment and intrusion by these Fulani herdsmen in their own region with little or nothing done about it. Now that the issue is being addressed in a very peculiar way, it is therefore important for all those who had earlier faced such crisis to lend their voices in strong support to ensure these Incidences are addressed once and for all.

Just recently news sources reported that the outspoken leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has warned the new Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mrs Ngozi Onadeko to resign now rather than arrest Sunday Igboho.

Reacting to the recent clash between herdsmen and the Yoruba youths in Oyo state, Kanu made the statement also in response to the arrest of Sunday Igboho over his quit notice to herdsmen.

The IPOB leader, speaking to the press vehemently warned the police commissioner Mrs Onadeko to ensure that nothing happens to Igboho and the Yoruba youths rising up and fighting for their rights against these herdsmen.

In a twist of opinions, Kanu laid his thoughts bare to the commissioner from a very sensitive angle stating that: “You are an Igbo woman so I expect you to be reasonable enough to know that Fulani IGP posted you to Oyo to superintend the arrest or possible killing of Yoruba youths in order to ferment enmity between the East and the West at this critical juncture in the history of the liberation of all indigenous peoples across Nigeria, including you and your family.

“I will advise you to resign honourably from your position as a certain Yoruba CP did in Abia State when he declined to order men under his command to open fire on IPOB protesters.

“I am warning you not to do anything likely to jeopardise the safety or well-being of Sunday Ighoho otherwise you and your family will have the might of IPOB to contend with.

“The silly game you people always play will no longer wash with us. Suddenly Fulani has realised that appointing an Igbo woman as Police Commissioner is a good thing because they want to use you. Nothing should happen to Igboho.”

Meanwhile some Nigerians are clearly of the view that the president has a way of making national heros from situations that obviously could have been handled swiftly without any fuss. However due to his slow reactions in addressing very sensitive issues, he oftentimes allow things to spiral out of control before intervening.

With the above line of thought some schools of thought are claiming that with the way things are panning out in the Oyo state clash with herdsmen, many will see Sunday Igboho as a national hero.

According to Reno Omokri, “Buhari will turn Sunday Igboho into Southwest version of Nnamdi Kanu.”
Meanwhile Makinde orders Police to arrest Sunday Igboho, and everyone involved over Fulani quit notice saga. While Falana condemns quit notice issued to Fulani herdsmen in Ibarapa. Fani-Kayode insist that the reactions of Sunday Igboho could be a serious threat of war especially if not properly addressed. The Ooni of Ife had equally issued a note of warning to Sunday Igboho stating that he should “Beware of politicians.”

The above reactions from prominent Nigerians with regard to the lingering situation of Oyo youths and Fulani herdsmen seem fairly in line with the sentiments of most Nigerians citizens.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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