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Society biased against women – Nigerians reacts to Oxlade’s contract after scandal


Nigerian singer, Oxlade’s new contract with Columbia records has stirred reactions from Nigerians.

Oxlade on Thursday announced he just got signed to Columbia records on his Twitter page a month after his sex tape leaked.

His tweet read, “New beginnings. New Blessings. Let the year begin.”

Also Columbia records welcoming him on Twitter wrote, “Welcome Oxlade to the Columbia UK family!

His announcement has since stirred reactions from Nigerians who highlighted how hypocritical and biased society is to women.

Making reference to Tiwa’s sex tape and the backlash she received Nigerians wondered how Oxlade was able to secure a contract after his sex tape leaked and went viral.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@DanielRegha “Oxlade got signed to Columbia Records UK after his sex scandal, whereas Tiwa Savage reportedly lost multiple endorsement deals after hers; What a world. Don’t mean to be a killjoy but this alone promotes gender bias in today’s society and it’s appalling to say the least. No shades.”

@theoladeledada “Oxlade got signed to Columbia Records UK after his sex scandal. Tiwa Savage reportedly lost a couple of endorsement deals after her sex tape was released. I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate the new achievement by spiderman of Lagos, but we need to break the bias in this world.”

@Emmanuleossai_ “Gender privileges will always exist no matter how much people complain, and nothing can be done about that cos we are not the same. Women have their privileges too that men do not have. These are just the peculiarities that come with belonging to any of the genders.”

@Arakijohn3 “The judgment and behaviour towards women is something else. Oxlade was even celebrated in Lagos while Tiwa was called names.

@Femi_gbaro “Oxlade didn’t say he got signed on the basis, what he meant that he got signed even though the sex tape leaked and Tiwa wouldn’t have gotten that luxury.”

@Unlimitedeniola “Some are so lucky to rise to hit a jackpot after some ugly incidents, while some are overcome by a defeat
For Oxlade, it’s from a career-threatening sex tape to Columbia Records. The difference between Oxlade and Tiwa Savage is that one apologized, the other was doing Queen I Stand.”

@Davidloealabi “There are things men do and get away with, and there are things women do and get away with. Chris Brown was accused of rape and dragged, he’s provided receipt in defence and same people that dragged him are quiet. The girl’s identity remains protected. It’s what it is.”

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