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Nigerians react as Waje quits music over lack of funds


Nigerians have reacted to the decision by popular musician, Waje to quit music.

She also lamented of not getting enough support from colleagues on her latest album.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Olasupobadmus “Waje says she is broke! She lives on Chevron Drive probably her own house, schoolfees around there is insanely crazy but worth it… I can advise we all mind our businesses. Priorities and drive are totally different so also her BROKE and your BROKE can never be the same BROKE.”

@ImohUmoren “If you’re looking from outside, you’ll assume this entertainment business is easy. Waje is right, the sheer amount of capital you have to invest in promotions is not for the fainthearted. You could be the most talented there is but without huge capital investment you’ll struggle.”

@Dondekojo “As if there are no broke creatives in the US. Waje that should be hunting for a record label set one up herself. Then we blame Nigeria.

@I_am_Illemona “I don’t understand. Waje doesn’t want to spend money to promote her album? Like people are just supposed to go out and buy? I’m so confused. Even Michael Jackson used to spend money to promote his albums.It’s not just about talent. It’s about brand promotion and marketing.”

@Nobel_writer “Waje should do what other musicians do, get signed under a label and focus on producing good music. They do the marketing at their expense and both party share the returns.Please Waje, there is no excuse for failure.Lend a leaf from Tekno’s story.”

@TheAkinakinboye “This video shows that Waje is going through a lot but no, some people didn’t notice the pain, they just want to talk.If you still think she is too lazy to compete after watching this video, you are heartless!

@MrFixNigeria “I feel sorry for Nigeria. Creatives like Waje don’t get appreciated and never really get the right kind of support in a place like Nigeria. Nigeria is the problem here, not Waje. Our system sucks. A system that downgrades the very best but promotes the fake and the empty!

@ToluOlisa “Waje must be going through a lot, u can tell from her body language.”

@Monye_Morris “I am upset by this. But i totally get Waje’s point. Music will just be a bottomless pit where she will be putting limited funds in.I think she should take her music outside Nigeria. Nigeria is a genuine shithole for her kind of beautiful music.”

Source: DailyPost

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