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Nigerians react as Oba of Lagos shoots his shot on live TV


Oba of Lagos Rilwan Akiolu has come under fire from a number of Nigerians due to a recent interview he granted a journalist.

In the video shared by comedian Wale Gates, the Oba is seen answering questions from a female presenter who asked him about his olori’s (wives). The king replies that his wives are fine and that his last wife is a judicial officer.

He then jokingly asks the reporter if she is interested in joining them. He further speaks on how men need to love women.

Watch the video below:

However, a number of Nigerians have reacted to the video. Some say the Oba is harassing the woman while others feel the king was just joking.

See their tweets below:

Ms Kent thinks the video is not funny and that the presenter is being harrased.

Adebayo replies that women are being unnecessarily sensitive. He adds that women should find their sense of humour.

Adebayo continues saying even though his wife was the one involved, he still thinks its a joke

Steve wonders why the presenter keeps laughing.

Nimi feels her laughter is due to discomfort.

Ngo also feels her laughter was because she was uncomfortable.

Devaan thinks the presenter was worried about what her husband will think.

Isaac thinks a man who doesn’t flirt with women on TV is rare.

Ayokunle doesn’t think the presenter’s husband will get angry.

Aisha is proud of her son’s reaction to the video.

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