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Great news as Ned Nwoko announces the advent of proposed Malaria vaccines in 6 months

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Ned Nwoko

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The Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation has greeted Nigerian citizens with news of respite as they declared openly that a vaccine for malaria in Nigeria would soon be made available within the next six months. This announcement was made by the Founder of the Foundation, Prince Ned Nwoko, a few days ago, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, during a walk to mark World Malaria day 2021.
During the announcement, the founder noted that the foundation is also aware of other similar threats and practices emanating from the causes of malaria and that the organization is taking into cognizance these dangers which include; environmental pollution and sanitation, fumigation and proper waste disposal and management, etc, all in a bid to eradicate the lingering menace and help curb the dangers posed by these offshoots of malaria, alongside with the vaccine.
Ned Nwoko who was once a member of the House of Representatives from Delta State, also declared openly, to the amazement of expectant Nigerians, ongoing plans by the organization, who were already in alliance with international firms outside the shores of the federation, such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom and are working with Nigeria in the production of the malaria vaccines.
While bemoaning the negative effect caused by malaria, Nwoko remarked that statistics have revealed that, over 500,000 persons died of malaria annually in Nigeria despite the efforts and hard work put in by administrators of the health sector as well as medical practitioners and health care professionals on daily basis.
The great philanthropist and business mogul further stated that the Foundation will promptly initiate the proposed plans to fumigate the whole nation, to get rid of mosquitoes and identical pests and insects that could cause similar infections, or disseminate malaria disease.
He stated that; “According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) record, malaria kills over 500,000 lives every year. In truth, this is more than COVID-19. But our leaders don’t do anything simply because they have accepted it is part of us. We must not continue this way. Malaria is not part of us. Mosquitoes are not part of us. We must get rid of both of them starting with today’s walk
“We have been doing a lot. There are four critical areas of focus in our foundation. The first one is waste management. We must manage waste across the country and in managing waste what we must do is to build recycling plants in every local government area of the country. This on its own will create not less than five million jobs in three years. We want a clean environment.
“The next part of what we are focusing on is vaccine research. Thanks to COVID, now people are focusing on vaccines. You can see within one year of COVID, western countries like America, Britain, Russia, China, have been able to discover vaccines because coronavirus is their biggest problem. They focussed on it, they invested in it and they have been able to find vaccines.
“We are also focussing on researching vaccines for malaria. We are doing that with some companies in America and the United Kingdom. I am sure that in the next six months, we are going to hear about the vaccines for malaria. That is a long-term process. In the shorter term may be waste management and then fumigation.
“Fumigation must take place across the country. They will be lockdown in the country for this to happen. I am not talking about mere fumigation. I am talking about fumigation that will be done in every household. In every office. In every state. You saw how some countries were fumigated during the beginning of the coronavirus. That will happen here.
“It will be done also from the air. We have had an agreement with a company that will do aerial fumigation. So with me in partnership with my foundation, we will achieve this remarkable short term. It is dear to me and I am sure to all of us.”
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