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The Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (Napac) Stands In Solidarity With Our Youth In Support Of The #Endsars Protest Movement In Nigeria

Endsars Protest
Endsars Protest

The Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC) condemns the actions that led to the Nigerian Army shooting at and killing peaceful protestors in Lekki toll gate on October 20, 2020.

NAPAC believes that this action will be addressed with our stakeholders, US legislators, US Administration, and the Nigerian American Community. The actions taken are not in line with democracy as indicated in the Nigerian Constitution with the “Right to Assemble Peacefully” which is in contrast with the Right to Peaceful Protest in the United State of Americas constitution.

Year 2020 unfolded with several unexpected waves of disruption to normal life including COVID-19 infection, death tolls, job losses and broken economies. How it ends is within our control because the rudder to ensure safe harbor is in our collective hands. Our priority as parents and community leaders is to make sure that the death toll of the youth must not increase due to leadership indifference!

Nigeria as a multi-ethnic, multi-religion and multi-culture nation does not reflect the demographic values of her citizens nor does it address the quality of life for ALL. The fundamental rights of all citizens and especially the youth (our future) must not be discounted as they are important to the development of the

We ask the Nigerian Government to immediately respond to the Demands by the Protest and seek justice and compensation for the families of the protestors that were killed due to this action.

NAPAC’s President, Executive Director, and National Political Director has an ENDSARS Monitoring Committee that will communicate all activities and actions the Nigerian Government takes the necessary steps to address any and all concerns to the US Legislative body, US administration and Nigerian American Community.

These youths out of frustrations had taken to peaceful protest showed uncanny display of patriotism and desire for the growth and development of the nation. We at the Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee disavow all forms of violence and destruction of properties by miscreant elements who had intended to hijack the youths peaceful protests. We urge the legitimate steps to secure lives and properties.

God bless Nigeria Youths and God bless Nigeria

President: Dr. Nelson Aluya
Email: info@napacusa.org
Phone: 1-888-345-1277

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