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Naija Birthday Jokes


“You must be a very bad guy, because good people die young”. Happy Birthday!”

“Laugh as much as you can now, in some years time, you might not have many teeth left”.

“Some say, why celebrate birthdays, when you know with each passing year you are moving closer to your death”.

“For the first few years of my life I didn’t talk to anyone. Why? Because I couldn’t talk!”

“Call the fire service, the cake is on fire; oh no, it’s the candles. Happy Birthday”.

“According to a popular saying, maturity comes with age. Now I understand why you look so young”.

“It takes an average Nigerian woman 40 years to clock 30”.

“Men age like wine, that is why more men are alcoholics than women”.

“I pray you grow old, till you become toothless; Happy Birthday!”.



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