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My Girlfriend


One night, I was strolling with my girlfriend when a hummer jeep packed beside us and wind down, he signalled to my girl to come but she turned and looked at me and I being a gentleman nodded in agreement for her to go, after all, I trusted her completely.

After few minutes of conversation which I couldn’t hear, I saw my girlfriend opened the door and entered. I was shocked! I went to them and said, “Wha’s the meaning of this?!”

They just sat in the car looking at me as if I was an idiot.

I became angrier when I saw the stupid guy laughing at me, I shouted at my girl and ordered her to come down from the car at once. She shrugged and calmly said, “Please David, stop embarrassing yourself! Go home and I will send you recharge card later.”

I didn’t know when I fainted!




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