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“My baby, my baby .. Is your mouth not paining you?” – Hilda Baci’s boyfriend stirs reactions following voiceover for her recent event



Hilda Baci, the Guinness World Record holder, elicits conflicting reactions when she invites her mysterious boyfriend to record a voiceover for her recent event.

Following her dethronement, the celebrity chef has since put humour into the mix to relieve the tension in the air.

Hilda Baci’s unnamed partner produced a voiceover for the debut of a new product from GB Foods, the manufacturer of Jago, Bama, and other items, in a recent video uploaded on her Facebook.

Hilda’s partner recorded background audio, recounting her moves from the hotel room to the event and back in an amusing and endearing manner.

Reactions trailing voiceover of Hilda Baci’s lover

effedeborah said: “My baby, my baby, my baby.. Is your mouth not paining you?🙄.”

umycutie penned: “Allow the manless and babyless to breathe …They deserve small peace after buying data.”

ruthroberts7683 stated: “Calling her everytime to know if you’re still her baby is the best decision you’ve made..don’t stop bro!😂😂😂.”

ameboafrica penned: “Ha! I can’t be pressured offline and pressured again online. Let’s the singles find resting place now. Edakun 😂.”

rhosemariee wrote: “See my smiling like a fool😂😂😂 I need to send this to my man to see what other men are doing for their babe🥺❤️.”

Watch the video below …



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