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Promoters of Muslim-Muslim ticket don’t wish Nigeria well – Cleric


Bola TinubuA Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Shiekh Haliru Maraya, said the idea of a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket won’t do Nigeria any good as it negates the principle of justice, fairness and equity which Islam stand for.

Maraya, a former Special Adviser on Islamic Matters and Hajj Affairs stated in a statement titled, ‘Islamic View On Same-faith Presidential Ticket in Today’s Nigeria,’ in Kaduna on Monday.

The cleric while kicking against the idea, said it was wrong to support a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket because Nigeria is secular state.

He argued that the same faith presidential ticket was at variance with the spirit of justice, fairness and equity which the religion of Islam promote and defend.

According to him, those promoting the idea of Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket do not wish Nigeria well as their action will further divide the country along religious fault lines.

He said, “Nigeria is a multi-religious country of more than 200million people who are Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Hence, one can say that the country is owned by more than 200million citizens who are of diverse religious backgrounds.

“In order to be just to all the citizens of the country, and also to balance the apparent religious sentiments prevalent in the country, Nigeria’s politicians and its major political parties have avoided fielding same-faith presidential candidates since the present political dispensation from 1999.

“The combination of a Muslim and non-Muslim, in a presidential ticket, in Nigeria of today, also gives vent to the spirit of justice, fairness and equity as enshrined in the religion of Islam. Remember, the country is for the Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“The religion of Islam orders the sincere administration of justice, on all, regardless of any distinction, be it religious, ethnic, geographical, tribal, inter alia.

“The religion enjoins its adherents to always stand for justice as a matter of principle, whether for Muslims or non-Muslims, even if justice should side against them.

“The Quran says: ‘and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just’. (Q5:8).

“As a Muslim, one is enjoined by the religion to only love for mankind, regardless of any social difference, what they love for themselves. I don’t think there is a Muslim who will support a Christian-Christian presidential ticket.”



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