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7 Years After Marriage, My Mum Is Yet To Accept My Wife – Actor Seun Kentebe

Actor Seun Kentebe
Actor Seun Kentebe

Ngere Davies, Within Nigeria

Seun Kentebe, a Nollywood actor and scriptwriter, has revealed why his mum is yet to accept his wife, Amelia 7 years after they have been married.

The actor revealed that the two women in his live have been acting like rivals and he has been living like a man with two wives.

In a series of tweets, Kentebe narrated the unpleasant challenge he’s facing in his marriage.

According to the actor, his mum is not in any way a terrible person as he describes her as a sweet soul but he said it’s first son trouble and mothers always have a hard time letting them go.

He further writes that he has accepted his fate and would have to leave in the house like a man with two wives, hopefully, everything comes back together normal.

Continue reading his thread below:

“7 years in and my Mom still doesn’t like my Wife.

I’ve accepted my fate.

We move.

“… Acting like a Man with two Wives; they kuku say our Mothers are the 1st Wives.

If the odds eventually fall in my favor, fine. If not, hey, my Ship will stay afloat, my relationships with my Wife and Mother will not wane.

Oya, lemme goan watch Man of Steel.


“I’d like to add that my tweet was not in any way meant to…

… demonize my Mom; she’s a sweet soul. I’ve realized it’s a first born son problem: some Mothers have a hard time letting go of their first sons and that’s the hand i’ve been dealt.

Thanks, God.

Till she comes around, i’ll keep managing the situation. That means…”



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