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Mr Ibu’s Adopted Daughter, Jasmine Chioma Finally Reacts to Allegations of Sleeping with Him and His Son



Jasmine Chioma, Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, posted her first Instagram post since news of her detention and amorous relationship with the Okafor family broke.

Remember when Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s son were detained for allegedly diverting Mr Ibu’s N300 million donations?

A recorded voice message also revealed Jasmine’s intimate relationship with Mr Ibu and his kid.

In light of this, the comment area of her most recent post was loaded with negative remarks from netizens who were criticizing her, and she did not hold back her rage.

Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma, is surely having a field day replying to trolls who are accusing her of having an affair with the legendary actor and his son.

It all started when Jasmine turned to Instagram to publish her first post after news of her imprisonment and romantic relationship with Mr Ibu and his son broke.

In response, cybernauts flooded the comment area with mocking remarks, many of which referenced her exploits.

Jasmine, who looked to be prepared for trolls, didn’t hold back in responding to some of the comments.

She also shared a screenshot of her chat with a troll who slid into her DM to condemn her.

One adaugo_nadike wrote: “No matter what you’re doing, you go still get supporters because even arm robbers have people that mingle and hail them. If you’re doing with papa, leave pikin or kukuma face pikin and leave papa. Nothing much.”

Replying, Jasmine averred: “@adaugo_nadike no na the mama I dey do now, your own mama fit join us too.”

@investorbossg wrote: “Knack papa knack pikin I rebook that thing.”

Responding, she wrote: “@investorbossg you forgot to add i nack mama join self, na mama first, then the papa, then the pinkin, get your facts right.”

Check out some exchanges below:



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