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Money helps but I know plenty of lonely or bored rich folks – Jason Njoku reveals why he spends more time with family

 Jason Njoku
Jason Njoku


Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku, has harped on the importance of prioritizing family time.

In a series of tweets shared on his handle this morning, Jason said he made it a point of duty to always return home every 10 days no matter where he is. He said he took the decision when eight years ago, his son who was a year and a half at the time, referred to him as Mummy.

He said he then made the decision to always be around his family so they can also feel his impact on their lives.

“Haven’t left home in 10days. Almost ready to hit the road again. Something that has helped me build rapid travel movement muscle is my own little rule. I MUST come home every 10days. This means if I need to travel across Lusaka, Kinshasa or JoBurg. Its 2-3 days/city then home.

“I won’t sacrifice my presence at home. Never. If I have to spend more than 2 weeks anywhere. Entire clan relocates. Kids <10 so it works. Not sure this works when the kids are older. But for now thats the clan culture. People think its weird I fly 13hrs to spend weekends at home.

“8 years ago Obi (then 1.5yrs) never used to see me. So when he started speaking he used to call me Mummy. If there was a point where I knew things had to change and I need to prioritise family over everything else. That was it. Never regretted it since.

“Spending more time with my Mum has reinforced this massively too. Firstly at late 30s & early 40s you begin to see parents, aunties & uncles pass on. At first its a trickle. Then its every month someone you grew up with passes on. For your parents that is actually terrifying

“Literally someone around them of similar age is dying every month. If that doesn’t focus the mind on the fragility of life I don’t know what will. At 42 I am statistically at 50% of my life on planet earth (UK life expectancy is 81). In Nigeria that is 53 (79% there already).

“I now know that beyond $1m everything is vanity. Money helps but I know plenty of lonely or bored rich folks. Me? I retire at 50. So being healthy & spending time with my wife, Mum & kids x100 anything else I achieve. Seeing them grow never fails to warm my heart.”

A few weeks back, Jason Njoku disclosed that he’s not ready to leave huge investment for his children.

On his Twitter page, the father of three noted that he had heard several times that inherited wealth is mostly a burden, so he and his wife, Mary Njoku owe their kids good education and they can fend for themselves thereafter.

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