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Mohbad: Nigerian music industry is very dark, says Nedu


Nedu Wazobia


Nigerians mourn the loss of singer Mohbad on social media, popular on-air personality, Nedu Wazobia, has shared his opinion that the music industry in Nigeria can be a very challenging sector.

He pointed out that many young artists are pursuing their musical dreams with great seriousness in hopes of gaining fame and fortune, but often their careers don’t last beyond two years.

According to him, only a few with a ‘special grace’ stay famous for a longer time thus, ultimately earning the ‘legend’ title.

While paying his last respect to Mohbad, the top radio personality underscored how people would generally celebrate one when they die rather than alive, referencing how swiftly the deceased’s last album ‘Blessed’ quickly shot up to being one of the top three songs in the country merely hours after his demise.

Speaking in a video, Nedu said: “This music industry is very dark. I have been in the industry for over 13 years (especially on radio). Everybody wants to become a music artiste; they want to be famous and rich, but fame in the industry doesn’t last beyond two years.

“If you are fortunate to get the fame, use the two years judiciously to get whatever you want.

“Although there are some artistes that have a special grace to reign up to 20 years, after 20 years, they don’t get the hype like before; they are the ones we call legends.

“It’s when you are popular that people will come around you and celebrate you. On your birthday, some will post your pictures, and some might not.

“But people will never forget to post RIP, rest in peace, including those who forgot to post your pictures on your birthday.

“In the end, don’t do things for self-appraisal; do them because you find fulfillment in doing them. Also, remember to add value to people.

“Now see our wonderful brother Mohbad. Did you know that the EP he dropped was never downloaded? But after his death, the song has become one of the top three in the country. May God rest his soul.”

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