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“This is the second home she is destroying” – Insider spills details about Mercy Aigbe’s alleged atrocities


A lady who claims to know popular actress, Mercy Aigbe has made some allegations about the actress and how she was allegedly having an affair with her new husband for a long time.

According to the insider, this is allegedly the second home that Mercy Aigbe would be destroying.


The insider claimed that Mercy had been sleeping with her new husband for years now, and even when his wife visits, she still comes over to meet with them.

The post read:

“This is the second home Mercy is destroying.

I’ve known her new husband, Adekaz for 15 years back. This man has been f*cking Mercy for many years away and I’m still surprised his wife wasn’t aware. Because anytime his wife visits from U.S, Mercy always make herself available to meet and greet with the woman and children.”



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