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Meghan wrote letter to estranged dad Thomas after her wedding to Prince Harry


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wrote to her estranged dad begging him to stop “victimising” her after she married Prince Harry, it has been claimed.

The Duchess gave Thomas Markle an olive branch after telling him: “I have one father” — but incredibly he responded by shamelessly asking for a photo shoot with her.

Five “close friends” told People magazine the Meghan had been left absolutely “devastated” by her dad’s response.

Meghan is estranged from her dad Thomas. Picture: Getty Images

It comes after a turbulent 18 months for Meghan since her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed, with her family repeatedly cashing in on her rising profile, reports The Sun.

Meghan’s family drama has seen Thomas interviewed on national television, calling his daughter “controlling” while her half-sister Samantha Markle regularly takes to social media to criticise her.

But speaking anonymously, the pals revealed the 37-year-old had tried to reach out to her 73-year-old dad after he pulled out of walking her down the aisle and gave a string of interviews with the press.

In the letter, the pregnant duchess reportedly wrote: “I have one father. Please stop victimising me through the media.”

A friend reportedly said: “After she and Harry got back from honeymoon, Meg sat down and wrote Thomas a long letter.

Meghan penned a letter to Thomas after her wedding to Harry last May. Picture: Supplied

“She told him she loved him, she was heartbroken and wanted to put everything behind them.

“She forgave him for everything that had happened previously and just wanted to repair their relationship.

“Meg asked him to stop victimising her through the media and talk to her, not them.

“He replied in a very long letter, saying he loved her and wanted to make amends.

“But he finished the letter with the suggestion that the two of them should pose for a picture or stage a picture to show the world they’d made up.

“She was absolutely devastated.

“It was posing for pictures that had started this mess, and now he wanted to do the same thing with her?

“She just couldn’t believe it so she didn’t reply.

“He has her number, she hasn’t changed it. But he’s never called or texted, despite what he says.”

Samantha Markle has often spoken out about her half-sister. Picture: Facebook
Thomas Markle Jr has also publicly detailed his relationship with Meghan. Picture: Supplied

The friends, said to be in Meghan’s inner circle, told the publication that the former actress had even called her dad on the morning of her wedding, saying: “I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he has done.”

It come after Thomas Markle claimed he had not had any contact with Meghan since she married Prince Harry last May.

He was left embarrassed after it emerged he had staged photographs with paparazzi in the lead up to the royal wedding.

Friends said Meghan had asked her dad about the story before it was released, with the recluse swearing “up and down” it wasn’t true.

Thomas Markle pictured with baby Meghan. Picture: Instagram
Thomas Markle pictured with baby Meghan.

They said: “The next day, the pictures come out.”

Thomas last year claimed he feared he had been ghosted by Meghan — begging her to text him.

But Meghan’s friends said she had been a “rock” for everyone in her family, saying: “The fact that this could be flipped around, that she was acting out or not caring for him, is preposterous.”

Meghan has remained silent on the matter of her family. Picture: AFP

Sticking up for Meghan, the group of friends also hit out at claims she was “difficult” — as well as speculation she had clashed with sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

They said: “She is the same person though everything around her has changed.

“There is nothing behind the feud with Kate. It’s completely untrue.”


It comes as an adorable video has emerged that appears to have shown Meghan glancing down at her stomach which keen onlookers have suggested is baby Sussex giving mum a bit of a kick.

Meghan appears to glance down at her stomach and smile. Picture: YouTube

In the video, the 37-year-old appears distracted as she and Harry listen to a talk during a tour of the Bristol Old Vic theatre — and after looking at her stomach, closes her eyes and smile.

Meghan is expecting her first child in April.

Meghan was touring the Bristol Old Vic theatre with Harry when baby Sussex appeared to kick. Picture: YouTube

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