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Meghan Markle Was the Most Googled Person in the World in 2018


It’s been the year of Meghan Markle (and I guess her husband, Prince Harry). It’s not just because they inspired the world’s most terrifying waxwork nightmare fever dream—although you should definitely check that out before you read on. No, the Duchess of Sussex captivated audiences, and searches, with her wedding, baby on the way, and style evolution as she makes her first steps as a new royal. She’s been so popular that, according to Google, she was the most-searched person this year around the world.

I’d pretend to be surprised, but my last Google searches include Meghan Markle dark nail polish, Meghan Markle body shimmer, and Meghan Markle Kate Middleton twinning. So I might be single-handedly bumping up those numbers, is all I’m saying.

The fourth most-searched news item was the royal wedding, and Meghan also showed up in number six of the top searches from all of Google. In a year that’s been particularly stressful, apparently we’ve all gotten joy from Meghan and Harry’s life—and, to be honest, a little bit of friendly gossip about why they’re moving away from Kensington Palace.


A few other unsurprising top names: Demi Lovato is the second most-searched person in the world, and the most-searched in the U.S., Khloé Kardashian is the fifth most-searched person globally, Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber) ranks eighth, and Cardi B 10th. Topping the most-searched movies is one of this year’s most female-centric sci-fi films, Black Panther.




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