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Meet The Five Women That Ubi Franklin Has Impregnated Within 4 Years


Nigerian music executive, Ubi Franklin got married to popular Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro in a fairy tale wedding which instantly made them one of the most powerful couple in the entertainment industry and a model marriage for many, but it was not meant to be as Ubi Franklin went into the relationship with lies! He got one of Iyanya’s fan in the USA pregnant during the time he was engaged to Lilian Esoro, the result of his Fling was a bouncing baby girl who will later turn out to be his first child.

Ubi is a super marketer and a sales man, he has only transferred his business skills into picking up and bedding women, a man that can claim he has that N10BILLION in his account will surely make most women’s ovaries tickle and their down part wet, this is exactly how Ubi smoothly operates despite his below average looks and he has managed to get several beautiful women that most men can only dream about.

Ubi Frankin currently have 5 women with children that allegedly belong to him, we will breakdown the women in Ubi’s life below:

1. Igalafinest:- She is based in Houston, Texas but is originally from Kogi state, Nigeria and she “hooked up” with Ubi Franklin during one of his numerous journeys to the USA with his artists Iyanya and Tekno. The end product of their hookup was a beautiful little baby girl name Zaneta who was conceived during the time Ubi proposed to the second lady in his life, his wife, Lilian Esoro. Now on the hind sight it is abundantly clear that Lilian was not aware that Ubi had started baking a bun in another oven before they married considering how short their marriage lasted.

Here is Zaneta, her child with Ubi Franklin

2. Lilian Esoro: Lilian Esoro is a Nollywood actress, this means one thing, she has eyes for very expensive things that is outside her income bracket, this is how most Nollywood actresses live, above and beyond their means but guess what? they survive through some sort of glorious miracle, actresses are able to consistently live above and beyond their Nollywood pay stub.

Lilian Esoro with Jayden

This was perhaps how Ubi Franklin was able to sweep Lilian off her feet, an interesting point to note is that Lilian Esoro was engaged to another wealthy man when Ubi Franklin came into the picture, she broke off from her previous engagement and dived into another engagement with Ubi Franklin. Unfortunately the entire relationship collapsed after a few months into the marriage. None of the parties involved have come out to say anything about what happened behind the scenes or why the marriage collapsed and they remain very friendly exes. As a matter of fact the suit for their divorce was struck off by the judge after he found that there were not sufficient grounds to issue a divorce for their marriage (can you imagine?). They have a son together named Jayden.

Ubi Franklin with Jayden and Zaneta

3. Nicola Siyo: Nicola was a South African professional living in Lagos Nigeria where she worked for one of Ubi Franklin’s companies, Instant Pickup. Ubi got infatuated by Nicola Siyo’s charm and beauty and she went from an Instant Pickup staff to an instantly pregnant third babymama. Like with Igalafinest, Ubi Franklin kept the news under wraps until when the child was delivered before he came out to announce that he has been cossy with his female staff and have gotten her pregnant, bearing him his 3rd child from a 3rd woman!

4. Sandra Iheuwa:

Ubi Franklin has a thing for lose women with some bit of money and Sandra fits perfectly into this recruitment criteria. Sandra is a US-based Nigerian “business woman” who fell for Ubi’s charm during on his musical shows in London. Their relationship blossomed, one thing led to another, she borrowed Ubi Franklin money for his business and she ended up getting pregnant for him before the end of the day. Sandra is the most vocal woman in Ubi Franklin’s life yet as she wasted no time in crying out in public when he wanted to abandon his responsibilities to her unborn child. Ubi has not yet confirm nor denied the partnity of the child yet, but that is usually his modus operandi, he waits till the child is born before releasing his well edited public letter to announce the arrival of his new child.

Sandra Iheuwa and Ubi Franklin

5. T. Boss: TBoss is the shocking appearance on the list given her taste in very high class men, she has ended up getting pregnant for a serial lover man who has no limit on how many women he is determined to put in the family way. Tboss usually brags about how men who own private jets knee before her to beg her for a date, we now know all those bragging points were not real because Ubi Franklin is not close to owning a private jet and yet he was able to get his way with her successfully. She is currently heavily pregnant for the sweet mouthed Ubi Franklin. Tboss has constantly denied being pregnant until she was spotted by an eagled eye facebook user with a very big bump in an Abuja maternity hospital. We know the reality do not match up to Tboss fantasies but we only live in one world, the real world! Fantasies exist in the movies and TV shows

Source: Within Nigeria NG

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