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More Revelation on The Marriage Crisis Between Actress Funke Akindele & Hubby JJC Skillz

Funke Akindele
Funke Akindele

More on the Bello’s tiny issues:

From relaible sources in London, JJSkillz has said before joining Funke Akindele in Nigeria, the couple had an initial understanding that the Scene One Producation will be family business with Funke and Adbul as certified owners and will be run by both parties. Also aside their production company both Abdul and Funke would be allowed to work on private jobs as well.

But after joining his better half, Funke never stopped behaving and making it clear that SceneOne Production is her own and will only let JJCskillz have a decent amount of money without having to explain himself and even that, Funke will have to see it as a reasonable excuse. Funke at least provocation will scream in a rudely manner even when third parties are around. Funke will freely take on private jobs but when it comes to Skillz being approached for other jobs with has no affiliations with their company, Funke will mostly come up with an excuse why Skillz can’t and shouldn’t take on the jobs etc. Mostly pointing at “protecting her man from industry people”. No doubtedly “a good family intention but also, money has to be made so maybe “a bad business idea”.

Skillz undoubtedly love his wife but the conditions were most times not comforting considering the fact that he has other kids who also sometimes depend on him for financial support as a father.

Our sources in Lagos revealed that the property that Abdul rented was probably for his older kids to live comfortably when they come visitinh Popsy in Nigeria anytime.

Abdul only get to spend when Funke says so. So as small chance avail itself, Abdul made some expenditures without a mutual authorisation from Funke. Hence when Funke found out about the unaccounted millions of Naira [not too extreme as per what they have made together], she got upset and the whole brouhaha started. And then Funke said “leave my house”.




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