Home News Man Jumps into Lagos Lagoon, Dead Body Finally Found

Man Jumps into Lagos Lagoon, Dead Body Finally Found

Man Jumps into Lagos Lagoon
Man Jumps into Lagos Lagoon
By Uche Amunike
The body of twenty-one-year-old Diploma holder, Odunare Olalekan who jumped into the Lagos lagoon, Tuesday, has finally been found.
The young man was said to have asked his father, Mr Odunare to pray for him on Tuesday. He also told his 19 year old girlfriend to take care of his baby as they might not see each other again.
Shortly after that, he left for the bridge side to commit suicide by jumping into the creek at Epe, in the Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State.
There was no known reason for his mysterious death and there was no letter left by him to explain his reason for taking his own life.
A viral video has been circulating online showing the deceased Olalekan sitting on the rail of the Berger bridge and immediately jumping into the lagoon. The recorder of the video was heard asking him what was wrong with him but he did not say a word and shortly after he jumped into the lagoon.
The deceased Olalekan according to close sources, has been acting strangely for a while. According to sources close to the family, he hadn’t been sleeping for over a week. Then he woke up on Tuesday and said he was going. When he was asked where he was going to, he did not respond. They tried to hold him but he was too strong to be held which was why our news source said it might be a spiritual attack, but nobody was sure, considering that he just woke up and said he was going and that they should pray for him.
When they tried to hold him, he overpowered them and immediately went to his girlfriend’s house to inform her to take care of their child. One of his brothers saw the viral video and told the family about it. He told their father not to bother looking for him because he saw him in the viral video jump into the lagoon and there was no way he could survive it.
Another source stated that Olalekan’s elder sister had just died a few months prior at the Lagos State University where she was a student, during examination in school where she reportedly slumped and died while taking an examination. This was a few months before Lekaè lytook his own life.
So many people have asked on social media why the person who recorded his video as he jumped into the lagoon did not save him and as our source said that the video that the person was alerted by some motorists on Lekki-Epe expressway and he was wlkfking towards Olalekan while recording, but could not catch up with him.
Hear him: ‘The guy was far away from him. He was about to hold him when he jumped inside the river. Nobody could hold him there except somebody who can swim.’
It however took almost 48 hours for his body to be found, all rescue efforts were frustrated by the massive presence of hyacinths in the lagoon.


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