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Davido, Lil Frosh Girlfriend and the Matter of Physical Abuse: What If the Genders Were Reversed?

Lil Frosh Girlfriend
Lil Frosh Girlfriend

The incidence of Lil Frosh one of Davido’s former record label signing and the physical abuse of his girlfriend has been reportedly viewed from a different angle as presented by news sources ‘the introspector.’

What if the female was the abuser? What if, in the case of Davido, his former artist Lil Frosh, and Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift Camille, the genders were reversed, and it was a matter of female domestic violence, rather than male?

Davido terminates contract with Lil Frosh over domestic violence allegationsThe digital spaces have been awash with the story of several forms of abuse reportedly meted out by an artiste formerly signed to Davido’s music label, Davido Music Worldwide, Sanni Goriola Wasiu aka Lil Frosh, on his girlfriend, Gift Camille, over a period of 10 months.

According to the girl’s story, she has had to endure months of physical and mental abuse, as well as issues of control and threats to her privacy and dignity. In response, Lil Frosh’s alleged behavior toward his girlfriend has led to the termination of his recording contract with DMW by Davido, as well as a statement from the music label denouncing domestic abuse, in addition to standing by all its victims.

This case, while significant given what the lady has reportedly had to endure, is just one out of many cases of abuse that go on behind closed doors in various relationships across the country and beyond. But there’s a twist.

We might expect that cases of physical abuse normally consist of aggression from the male to the female in a given relationship. We might expect to hear that it’s a case of the man maltreating the woman, because women are generally not viewed as aggressors in relationships, for obvious physical and social reasons.

But what if the genders were reversed?
What if it had turned out to be that Lil Frosh was the one being subjected to abuse in the relationship? Would this matter gain as much coverage and attention if Lil Frosh’s girlfriend was the aggressor?

Would she face the condemnation that Lil Frosh is currently facing? If Lil Frosh were the one being abused, would he have had the support his girlfriend has had from Davido, his former music label, and the sympathy she has received from the general public? Or would he have simply been viewed with disdain for speaking up, seen as a weakling, and told to man up and be strong?

While the reality of various forms of abuse against women cannot be overstated, it’s also important to note that men also do go through abuse in relationships, the key difference being that they hardly, if ever, speak out concerning what their significant others put them through.

But when cases of female physical abuse are brought to light, are the female aggressors made to face sanctions as appropriate as they would have been if they were men?

Given the consequences of Lil Frosh’s maltreatment of his girlfriend that he now faces, would his girlfriend have suffered a similar fate if she were the one abusing him?

A lot of women face abuse in various forms. It’s part of our reality. But however hard it may be to accept, let’s turn the tables; let’s reverse the genders, and be aware of the reverse reality. A lot of men are abused too. And a lot of those men generally are silent about it.

What is your opinion on the reality of abuse suffered by men in relationships, as opposed to the abuse suffered by women?

It is a given that abuse generally should be frowned at be it sexual domestic physical violations etc. but it’s also imperative to understand that what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander to forestall the reality of gender equally that majority is promoting all over the world today.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese
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