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“Leave her alone!!!, she looks genuinely seems happy” – Toolz blasts critics of Warri Pikin’s weight loss



Well-known radio host Toolz Oniru chastises online commenters for their remarks on real Warri Pikin’s weight loss makeover.

Recall that the comedian and actress underwent a noticeable shift in her body type in 2023, which caused admirers to have differing perspectives.

Since then, Warri Pikin has revealed her weight reduction journey with her Instagram followers, which she continued until lately, when some of them warned her against losing too much fat.

While some congratulated her on her makeover, others voiced a preference for her former physical size. It’s remarkable that she hasn’t deleted her comments given the varied responses and viewpoints expressed by fans on nearly all of her postings.

Recently, Toolz Oniru intervened quickly to warn detractors and and their hot takes about Warri Pikin’s transformation.

She asked internet users to hold off from criticizing the comedian’s physical appearance in her article. Toolz’s response comes in response to the many remarks posted online on Real Warri Pikin’s dramatic change in weight.

“Leave @realwarripikin alone!!! She was too big then.…. now she’s too small! she looks amazing and genuinely seems happy. That should be the END,” she wrote in an Instagram story post.

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