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“I’m willing to marry him, he’s stolen my heart” – Lady shoots her shot at billionaire’s son, Fewa Otedola


A lady on Facebook identified as Annastasia Micheal took to her page to shoot her shot at billionaire’s son, Fewa Otedola as she reveals how much her heart yearns for him.

 Fewa Otedola Annastasia Micheal

Yesterday, Fewa Otedola celebrated his 21st birthday. Many took to their pages to wish the young man a happy birthday.

However, Anastacia’s birthday wish is outstanding as she’s disclosed her intentions towards him and how she wants to marry him regardless of him being autistic.

Her birthday wish to him reads;

“I have grown to love Fewa so much. His cuteness, innocence, simplicity, infact everything about this dude drives me crazy. I will love to spend the rest of my life with Fewaluv regardless his Autism condition.whenever I see him I don’t see his condition but the genuine love I have for him, and I AM WILLING TO MARRY FEWA OTEDOLA , He has stolen my heart..
Happy birthday hearty my heart beats only for you 💓🥰💋“

 Annastasia Micheal Fewa Otedola

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