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Labour Party Discloses Region From which Peter Obi Running Mate will Emerge.

 Peter Obi Running Mate
Peter Obi Running Mate

By Uche Amunike

The Labour Party, LP, has given Nigerians an idea of the region from where its Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi’s running mate will emerge, saying that it will not change the principles of federal character while making the choice of a Vice Presidential candidate.
This was made known during the the commemoration of Nigeria’s Democracy Day by the Labour Party Chairman, Barr. Julius Abure.
According to Abure, the Labour Party had no intention of compromising the principle of social-religious inclusion, membership of the Labour Party and the diversity of the Nigerian workforce, while making its choice of Peter Obi’s running mate.
He also stated that even though the decision lies with the Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, it was most likely that the party’s choice of a vice president will come from the northern region.
His words: ‘While I want to say that it may be too premature for me to speak, and the constitution also gives the presidential candidate the right to nominate his vice presidential candidate, I feel it would be more proper for the presidential candidate to answer.’
‘However, I want to assure you that as a party that is reasonable; as a party that believes in equity and justice; as a party that believes in social justice and equal opportunity for all, a vice-presidential candidate that is widely accepted, with powerful credentials, is most likely going to come from the Northern region, there is no doubt about that’, he concluded.
Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has already fixed Friday June 17, 2022 as the deadline for all political parties to submit the names of their Presidential candidates and running mates. As for deadline for parties to submit the names of their governorship candidates and their running mates, a deadline of Friday July 15 has also been issued.
Reports show that candidates and their parties hierarchies finding it difficult to produce the choices of Vice President.
The flag bearer for APC, Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu is particularly under pressure mostly because of the issue of religion. As a Muslim from the south, he is expected to choose a running mate from the North. If he picks a Muslim, it would mean that the party will field a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
On his part, the PDP Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar is going through tough times settling for a Southern running mate who should ideally emerge from the South-South or South-East. There are speculations that he might field a running mate from the Southwest in order to counter the electoral fortunes of Tinubu in the zone.
Some sources close to the Labour Party Presidential candidate have on their part, alleged that Peter Obi’s running mate might most likely be a Northern female Muslim.
Each candidate is expected to make up their minds and pick running mates that will be valuable and make their tickets, winning tickets.
INEC has given a deadline off Friday. When the candidates have picked their running mates, the parties will proceed to process their necessary documents and upload them on the INEC website.


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