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Kukah Advises Buhari To Focus On Good Governance


Buhari-Official-PortraitMatthew Hassan-Kukah, prominent cleric and catholic bishop of Sokoto diocese, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop talking too much and concentrate on work.

Kukah added that Nigerian leader should not be diverted from what is on ground on account of too much attention on probe.

The cleric said while investigating treasury looters was important, government must place premium on giving the desired governance.

He said: “There is no such thing as probe in a democratic setting like ours. What obtains is investigation, and once people lead and things are not right, in­vestigation becomes necessary.

“However, in doing that, we must never be distracted from the spectacular actions undertaken by former President Jonathan. He is an individual. I think this whole thing about probe can be ascer­tained once investigations are concluded. But we are saying that a lot of talks and speculation about this probe are the dis­tractions nobody needs.

“So, the most important thing is that we need a stable country first, before we can talk about these things. And they will have happened down the line.”

Kukah added that things were not the way they ought to be in the polity.

The cleric said: “Everybody knows that things are not the way they ought to be. We are just trying to encourage people that let’s get on with this business of fix­ing this country. Let’s get to the business of realising the change that we dreamt of. And also most importantly, let’s get down with the business of co-operating with God so that Nigeria can move for­ward.

 “I think that is what ordinary Nigerians are expecting, this is what they voted for. The truth of the matter is that time is not on our side. Our responsibility is to en­courage politicians to do what they were elected to do.”

It should be noted that Kukah was speaking after the meeting between President Buhari and National peace committee for the 2015 general election led by former military president, Abdusalami Abubakar.

Despite the rumours that they were in the presidential villa to interfere on behalf of the ex-president Kukah denied such claims.



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