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Kizz Daniel Music Excites Fans with Latest ‘Buga’ Hit



Kizz Daniel Music
Kizz Daniel Music

By Uche Amunike


The trending ‘Buga’ hit released by Kizz Daniel Music has left his fans excited with a contagious frenzy felt, not only in Nigeria, but the world over, as the song continues to make waves in the entertainment world.


Since the song was released, social media platforms like tik-tok, Instagram and Twitter have been taken over with different creative twists to the rhythm of the song.


Most of the Kizz Daniel music lovers have stated that ‘Buga’ is one-of-a-kind and also very rare with its own unique style, already topping the charts in all music shows, the world over.


They appraised the ‘Buga’ hit for its serene nature which not only blows the music scene away, but also designed a unique dance step that spurs confidence in anyone listening to it as they hold their heads up positively.


This particular Kizz Daniel music, titled ‘Buga’, has generally been described as a beautiful song that enriches the mind, lifts the spirit and massages the soul seamlessly.


Kizz Daniel went to his official Instagram page, @Kizzdaniel and tried to explain the concept of the Buga song. Hear him: ‘Buga is a Nigerian parlance. It means to show off, stunt on them. So, in this context, it means after you have put in the work, let your results speak loudly. Enjoy your success. Whatever you are seeing out there, whatever result the song is generating, that is the result of hard work and I have consistently put in my best in all my songs. Nothing good comes easy’, he said.


He also explained that many music tasters have stated that ‘as long as people work so hard to make legit money they should be proud to flaunt their wealth to the public.’


Kiss Daniel music is on a worldwide tour. It has held a concert in the United Kingdom which was also called Vado. It sold out O2 in the London tour to Birmingham which took place on Saturday 21st May 2022, making energetic and smooth steps to the music.


Speaking on the outing, the father of two and singer confirmed that after the London tour he will still be on the road.


His words: ‘I want to connect to my fans worldwide. The US tour is next, followed by Africa, Australia, Europe, etc.’


He went on to explain the fact that ‘Buga’ has become the lead song on Apple Music’s top 100 in Nigeria, adding that it was also performed in Birmingham. It is also currently number one among the top 100 on Apple music in Kenya. It has also been revealed to be the world’s top 5 Afrobeat trending globally and has as well, been named the most Shazam song in the world.


He concluded, ‘it is a great feeling. When you put out a masterpiece and the rest of the world accepts it as one that is a satisfying feeling right there, such encourages you to do more.’




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