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Kim Kardashian Baptized Her Kids In A Church And People Think Her Dress Was Inappropriate (Photos)


Today in “um, can she live?!” Kim Kardashian is being trolled on Instagram (sigh, where else?) for her baptism attire.

To rewind a moment, Kim—along with her sister Kourtney Kardashian—took her kids to Armenia and got baptized last week. It was clearly a special and personal experience, and she shared a bunch of gorgeous photos of the event on Instagram.

“Thank you, Armenia, for such a memorable trip,” Kim wrote in a post featuring a picture of her and North. “So blessed to have been baptized along with my babies at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia’s main cathedral which is sometimes referred to as the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church. This church was built in 303 AD.”

Okay, so as you can see Kim is completely covered head-to-toe in what appears to be an appropriate outfit, but some of the more conservative corners of the internet are dragging her for wearing a body-con dress.

Kim looks great and respectful and shouldn’t be expected to cover up the literal shape of her body. If it was good enough for the Armenian Apostolic Church, it should be good enough for IG, right?

Source: Within Nigeria

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