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Kidnapping in Nigeria: A Gospel Music Artiste’s Ordeal at the Hands of Kidnappers

Kidnapping in Nigeria
Kidnapping in Nigeria

A popular gospel music artist/song writer and minister, who disclosed his name as Mr Edwin Alexander, shared his experience and ordeal in the hands of kidnappers (Fulani’s herdsmen), and the saving grace of the curse place on the kidnappers by Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Edwin Alex, who is a renowned musical artist, is a member of the popular denomination OMEGA FIRE MINISTRIES and has always stood out anytime he ministered in songs…

Background to the story:

Narrating his experience, Mr Edwin said… Precisely on Friday the 4th of September I was abducted and kidnapped on my way to Benin from Auchi by Fulani herdsmen and spent three  dark and dreary days in the hands of kidnappers. My car was shattered and destroyed by them as well. For me, the 4th to the 7th day of September was the worst days of my life… especially as I had to experience firsthand the dreaded stories I had always heard in the news, and people’s conversations about the Fulani herdsmen.

He continued… in my very eyes, thirteen persons were slaughtered and killed, even after collecting ransoms from them, with the use of matches. Trust me, these guys are bloody and heartless and with no sense of emotions or feelings. The language they spoke was basically Hausa Fulani that’s why I had to conclude they were herdsmen.

All the period I spent with them and from all the conversations I had with them. I wasn’t by any iota of doubt thinking I would make it alive. I stared at death in the face. In fact during my three days of misery and torment with them, I was seriously anticipating meeting my Creator. I had made my peace with this world. I had asked God for his mercies and forgiveness of all my sins and all those whom I offended as well. Indeed it was not an experience I would think twice to even wish for my most bitter enemy.

The whole narrative began to work in my favour when the kidnappers realised I had given them the number of Apostle Johnson Suleiman. I didn’t actually understood or knew what he told them when they eventually called him but I recalled that they got so mad knowing that it was Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s number I gave them to call.

Another thing I realised is that whatever he told them made them uneasy and angry at the same time. They refused to call him back but rather they kept calling him names, later they summoned courage and they called him, instead of discussing ransom, they were insulting him for always interfering in and with their business.

Immediately my godfather the Apostle, told them that for this they have said, they will all be impotent for life, they all ended the call, later they started discussing within themselves to call him back after one of them said he tried testing his manhood but it was stiff…. But he wasn’t picking up their calls…

They transferred the aggression to me, beat the day light out of me, all the people killed were all beheaded with a Cutlass, my life was preserved because of Grace…

When they eventually escorted me to the road to take a bus, the leader told me that my juju dey work ooh…

The restoration Apostle often said, anyone connected to his GRACE is preserved…

I saw hell in these 3 days; I stared at death in the face but still came out alive. I’m presently at the hospital receiving medications. I give God all the Glory who didn’t allow the plans of evil come to me he concluded.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer






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