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Kenyan Chef Maliha celebrates ‘surpassing’ Hilda Baci’s record, awaits Guinness world record recognition

Chef Maliha
Chef Maliha


Just slightly under two months since Guinness World Records awarded Hilda Baci the new holder of the longest cooking time (93 hours 11 minutes) by an individual record, a Kenyan chef has shattered it.

Chef Maliha Mohammed, who commenced her marathon cooking session on August 11, has unofficially set a new record after cooking for 95 hours.

On Tuesday, via a post on her Instagram page, Maliha revealed her achievement, via a distinctive flyer that confidently proclaims, “NEW WORLD RECORD”.

@seagasltd Yes, we did it! New world record holder for the longest home kitchen cooking marathon in town Shukran for the support,” she wrote.


Online videos circulated, depicting her supporters erupting with cheers and applause in a state of exhilaration as they encircled her right after she switched off the gas.


Chef Maliha had successfully done two cook-a-thon trials prior to her new cooking marathon. Her new record has not been recognised by Guinness World Records.

During her lengthy marathon spectacle, Maliha deftly whipped up lavish dishes, showcasing her mastery in preparing an array of global cuisines.

The culinary artist garnered resolute backing from her family, close friends, and dedicated fans, all of whom enthusiastically cheered her on.

She was also bestowed with uplifting messages from renowned celebrities, infusing her achievement with an extra dose of zest.

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