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“KCee lured me to Lagos under pretense, got me arrested” – Igwe Credo cries out



Fast-rising Nigerian chanter Francis Akunne, better known as Igwe Credo Mbem, recently revealed how he was lured to Lagos by KCee using a false identity only to be arrested at the airport.

During the interview, the young performer revealed that since the whole debacle started, all he and Ojazzy got as remuneration from KCee was N500k.

He gave a breakdown of the payments, the date, and information about what the money was for. Igwe Credo shared how it all started.

“I was fighting for the publishing rights of the song, which is entitled to everybody who participated in the song. I did the chant and hyping of E-Money in Ojapiano. I am asking for the split-ship for the two songs I helped create.”

Igwe Credo also shared how he participated in making the songs beyond just being Ojazzy’s manager but also as an artist.

Igwe noted during the chat that his life had been a nightmare since going on YanBaba’s show and speaking about his dealings with KCee.

During the interview, he shared how KCee lured him to Lagos and got him arrested last November after his chat with YanBaba went viral.

“What happened was that a client called us and said he had a gig for us. We charged them N2.5m, but we agreed on N2m. One million was paid into our account, and flight tickets were booked for me and Ojazzy.

On arriving in Lagos, we were picked up at the airport by the police and were thrown in jail. We never knew it was KCee who was behind it all. He lured me and Ojazzy from Awka to Lagos so he could deal with us.”

Igwe Credo shared that he and Ojazzy spent a day in jail but were bailed out by his management.

“Ojazzy was paid off, I am yet to receive shishi” – Mbem revealed Igwe Credo confirmed that he is currently in discussions with KCee and his management, as they have agreed to give 5% of the split-ship and royalties of the two songs. Though the contract for this has yet to be signed.

“After we were released, Ojazzy had an agreement with them as he was paid off; that was why he was given the car. But I am yet to receive shishi. They also agreed to use him whenever KCee has a show, and he needs an Oja person.”



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