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Kanye West slammed for using R-word on President Joe Biden

Kanye West
Kanye West

American Rapper, Kanye West has been slammed for using the R-word on President Joe Biden.

Kanye West is under fire for referring to President Biden with the r-word; he has been denounced by those who support people with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

According to TMZ, Jordan Kough, Executive Director of the National Down Syndrome Congress stated that It’s incredibly upsetting to see Kanye embrace the r-word since it is hostile to all persons with disabilities, even worse, Kough thinks Ye is aware of how disrespectful it is.

The NDSC says the r-word strips humanity from folks with disabilities … and Kough is encouraging Kanye, and others with big platforms, to consider the power of their words.

Kanye is losing a lot of support at the National Disability Rights Network. Disability advocates, according to Executive Director Marlene Sallo, were appreciative when Kanye initially said that his bipolar disease was a superpower, but they are now furious that Ye used a “outdated and nasty” term.

The NDRN is going a step further by calling for Kanye to apologize.

This is not the first time the singer has been called out over hateful comments as he was earlier called out by fans and fellow celebrities over his anti-Semitic thoughts.

The R-word stands for “retard,” “retarded,” or other offensive words ending in “-tard.” While “mental retardation” was originally introduced as a medical term in 1961 for people with intellectual disabilities, in the decades since, the R-word has become an insult used all too commonly in everyday language.




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