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Johnny Drille: How Chike and I convince grooms on their Bride’s safety before performing at a wedding

Johnny Drille Chike
Johnny Drille Chike

Nigerian music star, Johnny Drille has revealed that he is usually handed a document by the groom which he has to sign before getting permission to perform at their weddings.

According to Johnny, he and his colleague, Chike have to accept to keep to the rule before they’re allowed to perform at weddings.

The reason is not far fetched, as both men are single, handsome and sing trendy love songs.

The ‘How Are You My Friend?’ crooner revealed this while responding to a tweet by a netizen who expressed his fear towards inviting either of the musicians to his wedding as he curiousy wondered if the bride won’t elope with them. He tweeted:

“Inviting Chike or Jonny Drille to perform at your wedding is so risky. What if the bride elopes with them?”

Johnny Drille in his response, revealed that they usually sign a contract to be well behaved. He responded:

“We usually sign agreements with the client (usually the groom) to be well behaved.”

Reacting, @jireg said: “The condition make sense before you elope with person wife.”

@danasq5 wrote: “Yes o. The contract is very necessary. To avoid marital issues.”

@blake34 added: “No be by force to perform.”

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