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It’s A Lie from The Pit of Hell – Zack Orji Debunks Second De@th Rumour



Zack Orji, a Nigerian actor, has dismissed claims of his death as ‘a fabrication from the bottom of hell’.

The actor, who recently flew to the United Kingdom for medical treatment after undergoing two brain operations, stated in a recent Channels Television interview that social media has caused individuals to be careless, even to the point of disseminating false information.

Zack Orji claimed that he received several calls from folks who hadn’t contacted him in years because they were concerned about him.

In the interview published on Instagram on Thursday, Zack Orji said:

I don’t know who originated that lie, I call it a lie from the pit of hell that…well not myself, they had passed away.

“I saw it and I started receiving all kinds of calls, even calls from people I hadn’t heard from for years, most of them were just concerned, they wanted to find out if it was true and all of that. I can only say that sometimes social media has made people to be so reckless and callous to the point of spreading fake news just to grow their page.”

Zack Orji also thanked the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for their support.

Zack, 64, slumped on December 29 2023 and was admitted to the intensive care unit of the National Hospital in Abuja, before he was transferred to a private hospital for surgery.



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