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Drake, Big Sean, Trey Songz and other international celebrities react to #End Sars Nigeria

International celebrities react to #End Sars Nigeria
International celebrities react to #End Sars Nigeria

One of the most trending topics making the news for some weeks now is the recent protests by citizens of Nigeria to end SARS.

Last Sunday at about 5:11 p.m PULSE Nigeria reported that many renowned personalities and even celebrities outside Nigeria has joined in the protest.

The report according to PULSE stated that “Several celebrities around the world have spoken in support of the #EndSars protest in Nigeria.”

Drake and other international celebrities join the #EndSars protest in Nigeria

Drake joins the #EndSars protest in Nigeria [Instagram/ChampagnePapi]
The #EndSars protest across Nigeria has since gotten not only Nigerians talking but celebrities from other countries lending their voices.

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, Canadian rapper, Drake took to his Instagram stories where he re-shared a post from Grace Ladoja calling for Nigerians in the UK to join an #EndSARS protest at the Nigeria High Commission in London.

While Drake reshared a post about the protest, American singer, Trey Songz took to his Twitter page where he spoke against police brutality in Nigeria

After doing a little research I would like to speak out against what’s going on in Nigeria right now. Their pleas to #EndSarsNow IS VERY REAL. I have so much love for my Nigerian fans and it’s so hurtful to hear what’s happening,” he tweeted.

“Police brutality here in America often is an abuse of power-driven by race. To be brutalized, extorted, and murdered by your own people is unimaginable. Prayers up and I’m researching ways I can help. #EndSARS.”

American rapper, Chance The Rapper, like other celebrities called for an end to the special police unit in the country.

“#EndSARS NOW #ENDSARSNOW I just started reading up on this travesty taking place in Nigeria. If you have more info to dispense in the replies I’m all ears https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_SARS,” he tweeted.

For British singer, Estelle, it was the same message ‘#EndSars.’

“This is For my continent. For my relatives!!!! For humanity. Cannot continue this every day everywhere!!!! #EndSarsNow,” she tweeted.

Celebrities in South Africa weren’t left out as rapper, Nasty C slammed the police for the crimes they have committed in the country.

“World is fucked up & the people that are supposed to serve & protect are often the biggest problem smh. #EndSARS,” he tweeted.

American popular radio personality, Kojo Ebro advised the Nigerian government to fix the menace created by men of the special police unit, SARS.

“When Moms take to the streets the World stops. Fix it now Nigeria. #EndSARS,” he tweeted.

Some sports personalities and entertainers have also added their voice to the whole issue of SARS oppression and brutality. Worthy of note is the London based Arsenal’s football club superstar Mesuit Ozil who also took to his Twitter accounts to say “End oppression and SARS brutality inNigeria.” Many are of the impression that Ozil is giving his voice in this process because of the affinity he has with some teammates who are Nigerians.

Guessed the recent protests from citizens and celebrities within and outside the country, has yielded positive fruits and response as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) recently announced the termination of SARS.

The fear and worries now amongst citizens and by extension Nigerians in diaspora is that, this sort of announcements and terminations of special duties, has been made severally in the past but to no avail because, they end up coming back in another guise and name with the promises and objectives to do better.

Nigerians are watching and hoping that this will be the final straw that will finally lay to rest the nighmare of SARS brutality and oppression to its Citizens.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer



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