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Ibrahim Magu Is A Man of Integrity” – Schoolmates Insist on His ‘incorruptibility’

Ibrahim Magu is incorruptible and will never compromise his job' - Classmates -
Ibrahim Magu

Corruption is something very common within the Nigerian system due to the fact that so many persons allege to be dishonest or involved in such practices are easily let off the hook or carry out such fraudulent acts with high level of impunity.

With the ongoing investigation on the alleged corruption on asset declaration of the ex-chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, there’s been so much debates and questions regarding his honesty and outcome of the inquiry.

The alumni association of Yerwa Practicing Primary School (YPPS) however claims that Ibrahim Magu, is innocent of all the allegations labelled against him.

The federations president Muhammadu Buhari had initially set up a panel led by Ayo Salami, retired president of the court of appeal, to probe Magu over allegations of mismanagement of recovered assets.

The panel’s report submitted to president Buhari in November recommended that Magu be sacked and that a new EFCC chairman outside the police force be appointed in an interim position for two years.

Magu, who was also a commissioner of police and former pupil of YPPS, had denied any fraudulent act on his part and insisted that he was genuinely conscious and honorable in executing his duties while in office.

To further corroborate Magu’s claims and prove his Innocence, A statement was released by his alumni association signed by its chairman Al-Hasan Sultan, claiming that the allegations were unfounded, and were all fabrications to “tarnish his noble character”.

“It has now become pertinent for the above Association to express its concern over the consistent attacks and wide range of unfounded allegations levelled against one of its alumni, the Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu,” the statement reads.

“We believe that the objective of these allegations and other unsubstantiated claims are targeted at tarnishing his noble character and crucifixion by certain predators, who were once investigated by his commission and are determined to ensure Magu’s downfall for purposes of undue relevance and selfish reasons.

“Since the inception of the Justice Isa Salami-led Commission of Enquiry to investigate Ibrahim Magu over alleged mismanagement of recovered assets, insubordination and abuse of office, we the alumni of this Association decided to give the panel benefit of doubt.

“This is because of Magu’s past record of being above board. But the recent happenings during and after the proceeding has compelled the Association to break its silence and demand through this forum, justice, equity and fair play in the entire proceedings and the outcome of the investigation of the panel.”

Members of the association revealed their trust in the Ex- EFCC boss claiming they have known him for a long period of time, and insisted that he is incorruptible.

“Certainly, there is no credible testimony more than the one coming from a childhood friend particularly school or classmate. Ibrahim Magu is one of our ambassadors who, over a period, has given us a cause to be proud of (belonging to this Association) and so, members of this Association are in a better position to extol the virtues and noble character of Ibrahim Magu whom we have been interacting with as colleagues, old school- and class-mates for decades, knowing the motto of our school (Honesty is the Best Policy),” the group said.

“Therefore, our submissions on this matter should be taken seriously and all advice be well heeded by the Federal Government. No doubt, Ibrahim Magu is a very good officer, hardworking and forthright and we can say without fear of contradiction that it is people like Ibrahim Magu and his like that are best fit to man institutions specialised in fighting corruption like the EFCC.

“Meanwhile, the good news and a thing of joy was that Magu’s integrity is still intact without blemishes or any shortcomings from his national assignment as acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

“We wish to state with high sense of responsibility that the Ibrahim Magu that we know is incorruptible and will never compromise his job of fighting corruption by bending to any pressure.”


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writers




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